Stories on the Myths & Legends Byway


Wanna hear the some tales we share ‘round the dinner table or a campfire? If so, you gon’ love Louisiana’s Myths and Legends Byway. Go on a drive and learn ‘bout the tales, myths, and legends of Louisiana’s No Man’s Land. Hear some true stories of the crazy and courageous outlaws, preachers, and pioneers that roamed this place.

The byway travels through flat land and along the riverbanks originally inhabited by the Atakapa and Coushatta Indians. The byway then enters the area’s abundant pine forests, which through the years were home to Civil War-era jayhawkers and to logging camps and lumber mills. In all, the byway runs through three unique Louisiana parishes: Beauregard, Vernon, and Allen Parish. The spirit of each parish is captured in the stories and legends linked to their section of the byway.