Old Campground: A Waypoint Through the Years

Old Campground Cemetery and Nature Walk - Beauregard Parish Louisiana

Flat and shady, Old Campground was a natural place for any feller or lady to camp before or after crossing the stream. Coushatta traded here and Texans rested here during their cattle drives. Old Campground was just right for a meetin’ seein’ as how it was real shady, had water just a’flowin’ from Sugar Creek, and had a bunch o’ room for folks to gather. All the tents outlined the whole campground, and food, wagons, and livestock were stored behind ‘em ‘round the outside.

Old Campground is the oldest documented cemetery in southwestern Louisiana. Over the years, supporters have kept the cemetery in shape, even adding a replica of an early church and a 10-acre wildlife refuge that is home to the endangered red-headed woodpecker.

Old Campground Cemetery and Nature Walk
309 Old Campground Road
70637 Dry Creek , LA