Lois Loftin Doll Museum and Rural Free Delivery Fresco

Lois Lofton Doll Museum and Rural Free Delivery Fresco

The Lois Loftin Doll Museum and the Rural Free Delivery Fresco are something you gotta see if you’re passin’ through Beauregard Parish. They’re located together in the 1934 DeRidder Post office . These folks, Lois and Albert Loftin collected more than 3,000 dolls! In Cajun French, we call ‘em “bebelles.” Now, don’t be confusing “bebelles” with “bebettes,” which are them itty bitty critters. No one wants to see those vermin. This museum of beaucoup “bebelles” is located at 204 W. 1st St in the Old Post Office.

To learn all about this section of the tri-parish area, head downtown to the Beauregard Parish Museum. You see, these museum is an old train depot because this was an important area for the railway. Now, there isn’t any major railway through here anymore, but it used to be dreadfully busy parts with trains. The railway went all the way from Kansas City down to Port Arthur

Lois Lofton Doll and Tall Timbers Museums
204 W. First St.
70634 DeRidder , LA