Kisatchie National Forest

Kisatchie National Forest has more than 604,000 acres. That there’s a whole heap of explorin’ to do! Let’s see, we got the bayous, the bald cypress groves and old growth pines you gotta see. Oh, and you bet there’s a bunch of ways to explore ‘em, too. I tend to lean toward saddlin’ up and goin’ horseback, but heck, you can bike, hike or canoe your way through this magical place.

The Vernon Parish part of the Kisatchie National Forest has Fullerton Lake, Enduro Trailhead Camp and Hunter’s Camp. At Fullerton Lake, you can set out on your pirogue or canoe and enjoy some fishing or bird watching. Hike amongst the pines and cypress of the Enduro Trailhead, home of the Louisiana Black Bear and the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.