Bundick Lake

Bundick Lake is a reservoir teaming with all sorts of things to do. You can live like the pioneers! One of my favorite things to do is go fishing in the early morning in my pirogue—which is a Cajun style canoe. You can catch all kinds of goodies like catfish, bass, and perch. Good eatin’! I don’t mean to blow, but I caught a huge catfish the last time I was out there.  I blackened it and in true pioneer style, threw it in a cast iron skillet over an open fire.

Nah, one thing you have to watch out for in the lakes around here are the Caimons. You know what they are – huge, scaly reptiles with massive teeth. You might know them as alligators. There’s no bigger blowhard and bait thief than the Caimon. But beyond the fishing and alligators, you can go for a swim or even try to spot one of the bald eagles that have made this lake their home. I recommend pitching a tent and experiencing the grand wilderness and everything else Bundick Lake has to offer.