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Metro Soileau Downs Trottingbred Racing

Trottingbred racing is something they do ace-high in Allen Parish, and Soileau Downs is the best in the state of Louisiana. You better believe that the Soileau Downs ain’t got crowbait horses! Round here, they not only race those fine horses, but they throw a great hootenanny, too! I’m gonna to teach you how to go tailgating the Cajun way— a Soileau style fandango!

When you mix the two-step rhythm of Cajun music with the stomping hooves of running horses, you can imagine what it’s like at an original Soileau tailgate, which happens bimonthly at the Metro Soileau Downs. The track is located seven miles east of Oberlin on LA. Highway 104 in Allen Parish at the Triple C Ranch.

Metro Soileau Downs at Triple C Ranch
422 Highway 104
70655 Oberlin , LA